"IMAKE" the New AMS Website designed by and for its customers

A new section has been added to Advanced Machinery Services website to show what their machines are able to make, and how they are working for their customers. Furthermore, this new section has also been divided by industries in order to help their customers or visitors find machines that match their own workshop specific needs.

This new space has been designed to ease the website search for their customers. To achieve this, AMS has divided the page in nine categories: Joinery/Furniture, Timber/Sawmills, Mouldings, Kitchens, Doors/Windows, Stairs, Shop Fitting/Display, Timber Framed houses/Trusses and Garden. By clicking on each of them, you will be shown specific machines, photos, and videos related to that industry. 

AMS Director said: “if we receive a video of a Wadkin Bursgreen Panel saw cutting wood to make windows, we will post it in IMAKE, and a picture of the final product. By doing so, our customers, or future customers, will be able to get all the information that they need in one page.

Specific machines for each industry, videos of customers’ machines running in different types of workshops, pictures, customers’ reviews and much more…In addition to all this, you will also be able to see if these machines are in stock at that moment, the technical specifications of the machine, training information and prices.

For example if you click on Joinery/Furniture, you will see the machines that we have sold to Joinery and Furniture companies.

This new section has been created thanks to the large woodworking knowledge and experience that the AMS Team has throughout the years.

AMS director stated. "We wanted to create a space on our website, where we could share our installations and our customers videos with everbody. It's a pleasure to install our Wadkin Bursgreen machines in their new workshops, but it is nice to see that our customers are very happy with it"

If you have a Wadkin Bursgreen machine in your workshop and you would like to share a video of your machine working, and show everybody what you can do with your Wadkin Bursgreen machines, please contact AMS at anavarro@advancedmachinery.co.uk